“I had a very difficult and what I thought was an impossible area at my new home. When Clair Stout, owner of FoxFyre Nurseries looked at the front area of my home that consisted of a steep hill with bad erosion and poor soil, he saw possibilities. All I saw was an eyesore that was directing all the rain that fell to my backyard. This created and area that was always muddy and impossible to grow grass. Needless to say, I was not very proud of my yard.

Clair is truly an artist with landscaping. He is so talented and experienced that he can look at an area and see the finished project. 

Clair decided that walls would help direct the water in the direction it needed to go to solve the erosion problem. I have now got three beautifully curved walls that hug the steep hill. He also planted different trees and shrubs to enhance the area.

I am now very proud of my yard and the areas around the house. I have nice grass growing where could not get the lawn established before. Trees and shrubs blooming most of the year.

FoxFyre Nurseries is very fair in their pricing. Clair works hard to find the best value for your money. He has been in the landscaping business for many-many years. “

Nancy, Fredericksburg, VA
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